Feed water cooler

In the feed water cooling module (FWM), cold make-up water is heated by the hot feed water in a heat exchanger. Cooling of the feed water results in a greater temperature difference between the water and flue gas in the economiser. The improved heat transfer in the economiser reduces the flue gas discharge temperature.

This improves combustion efficiency by up to 1.8%, or by up to 3% if the boiler is equipped with a 4th pass.

The feed water inlet temperature in the economiser is controlled during this process, which reduces flue gas condensation and therefore protects the steel economiser from corrosion.

The feed water control module is an effective reliable measure for reducing energy costs.

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The feed water cooling module consists of a plate heat exchanger including insulation, valves, pipework adapters and temperature sensors and is supplied on a base frame ready for connection. The module sizing and parameter settings of the control are made specifically to order and are matched to the mode of operation of the system.

Integration of the feed water cooler into a boiler system

Integration of the feed water cooler into a boiler system

Feed water cooling module


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