Compact Steam Boiler Control CSC

The control for the smaller steam output range of up to 4,000kg/h is a convincing product due to the ease of handling and is supplied ex works with all the important functions for semi-automatic boiler operation.

Compact control cabinet of CSC for steam boilers in the smaller output range

Compact control cabinet of CSC for steam boilers in the smaller output range

The compact programmable logic control CSC is the ideal solution for steam boilers with outputs up to 4,000kg/h. It comes with all the important standard functions for convenient control and operation. Compared to the Boiler Control BCO which is designed for more complex systems, the CSC is an affordable alternative for standalone steam boilers.


  • Attractive price-performance ratio for steam boilers with steam outputs of up to 4,000kg/h
  • Colour touch display for straightforward operation and clear visualisation of operating conditions
  • Flexible installation and space saving as the CSC is supplied ex works already installed on the boiler or as wall-mounted control cabinet pre-wired and function-tested
  • Power electronics for fuel supply, feed water pump, bottom blowdown and surface blowdown
  • Ideal water conditions due to fully automatic conductivity-controlled surface blowdown and bottom blowdown

Equipment, standard functions:

  • Low water and high water level limiter
  • Pressure limiter for maximum positive pressure
  • Water level control, 2-step or stepless
  • Boil-dry protection device for feed pump
  • Output control, 2-step or stepless
  • Alarm and fault messages with message memory

Optional equipment:

  • External high water function
  • Backup pump controller
  • Conductivity control and limitation
  • Automatic bottom blowdown and surface blowdown
  • Heat maintenance via the combustion system
  • Output control with two fuels


The programmable logic controller is equipped with an intuitive touch display. It is integrated into a boiler control cabinet and permanently mounted on the boiler complete with wiring to the sensors, actuators and burner. Wall-mounted installation of the control cabinet is available as an option.

Examples of user guidance at the Boiler Control CSCExamples of user guidance at the Boiler Control CSC