Provided care and maintenance is properly carried out, the boiler will have a service life of more than 50 years. In practice however, the boiler system is affected by many different factors that can significantly reduce the service life of the boiler. In this chapter, we aim first and foremost to make the operator aware of this topic based on individual examples. In doing so, possible causes of defects cannot of course be described in every aspect. However, the following applies as a general rule: there will always be specific causes for defects that occur. In addition to correctly repairing the defect and restoring the operational availability of the system, the causes should be found and eliminated so that they do not recur during subsequent operation.

Technical information: boiler defects – failure analysis and cause analysis


The service life of electronic and electrical components is generally significantly less than the boiler shell. They must be replaced before the end of their service life, especially if they are safety-related components. One of the functions of the digital efficiency assistant MEC Optimize is to help the operator carry out this task and also preventive maintenance in general.

Product: MEC Optimize

Defects could often be identified in advance and their causes eliminated. The prerequisite for this however is an open exchange of knowledge between operators, plant engineers and customer service.

Influence of the mode of operation of the boiler on its service life Influence of the mode of operation of the boiler on its service life