Learning from errors

"A clever man does not make all mistakes himself. He also gives others a chance."
Winston ChurchillIV)

The purpose of this chapter is to help draw your attention to errors that can occur during planning, installation and operation of steam boiler systems using a number of examples.

In this regard you should always bear the following in mind:

  • While the number of possible errors is endless, only one solution exists for the optimum system.
  • Every conceivable error is also made.

This chapter is structured according to common errors that occur

  • during planning,
  • during installation (or detailed planning) and
  • during operation

of steam boiler systems. Sooner or later these errors lead to damage to the boiler system, potentially hazardous situations, reduced efficiency of the system or other operating problems. This list does not cover all possible errors, and also does not attempt to do so.

The biggest error that can be made, however, is not to report it. You are also welcome to contribute towards avoiding further errors by providing examples.

IV) Quotations for managers: more than 2,600 adages that clearly communicate your message, 2018