The manufacturing and distribution of boiler systems is regulated in national law through the implemen-tation of the Pressure Equipment Directive (EU Directive 2014/68/EU). For example, in Germany, this is done in the 14th Ordinance on Equipment and Product Safety Act (Pressure Equipment Regulation). This describes the design, manufacturing, material, testing and preparation of the Declaration of Conformity for pressure equipment. This defines valid, uniform quality requirements within the EU that allows free circulation and consequently free trade in goods and initial commissioning. Manufacturers of boiler systems must have the conformity of their products evaluated and as a result, issue a certification of conformity and attach a CE marking.

An important limit that defines whether a boiler or pressure vessel is regulated at all by the Pressure Equipment Directive, is the maximum permissible operating pressure of 0.5 bar. If the maximum permissible operating pressure is not higher, as is the case for example with low-pressure boilers, so-called “good engineering practise” applies in relation to their manufacture. All other steam boilers are assigned to categories in the Pressure Equipment Directive according to Appendix II as the potential hazard increases. The product of water content and permissible operating pressure is decisive for the classification. Most steam boilers belong to Category IV.

Classification of steam boilers into module categories in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive

Classification of steam boilers into module categories in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive

The many certificates and approvals for our products in more than 140 countries worldwide testify to the high quality and production standards of Bosch Industriekessel GmbH. All Bosch boilers, boiler and boiler house components satisfy the applicable European Directives in relation to CE marking, especially the Pressure Equipment or Gas Appliances Directive, based on technical standards (including TRD, AD 2000 and EN standards such as EN 12953). Most of our products and components are EC type-tested. Customised solutions receive an individual permit ex works from an official testing institution.

We manage our products according to current national standards, e.g. EAC (Eurasian Customs Union), TSG G0001 (China), SVGW/VKF (Switzerland) and many more. Our equipment according to EN 12953 for the boiler systems is approved for operation without continuous attendance (BOSB 72 h).

Bosch Industriekessel manufacturing plants are equipped with the necessary certified quality management systems, e.g. EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001, Module D according to Pressure Equipment Directive, MLSE (China). In addition, Bosch Industriekessel is a certified manufacturer in the highest quality requirement level for welding to EN ISO 3834 (part 2). A process qualification according to TRD and the Pressure Equipment Directive is available for corrugated flame tubes. As we hold a licence for being a maintenance company for boiler systems and boasting an international service network means we can provide service in more than 140 countries worldwide, some with 24/7 availability.